Thursday, March 28, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different!

I was allowed to pick out a 1/72 scale airplane kit from a fellow IPMS member from the John Glenn Chapter. Rick was kind enough to let other club members take a kit from a pile of models he brought in. I noticed the Czech made kit from Eduard ( Being of Czech descent it caught my eye). I thought, what the heck, a free kit, I'll try that and if I botch it up, I at least will have tried an airplane model. I was also invited to a local sub group meeting called the "DSS" or Divine Scale Society focusing on all things 1/72nd scale. I brought this model along and started the prep work at that meeting. I started the model in early January.

Above is a picture of the box art and I am going to build the contra-rotating propeller variant with the bare metal finish... More pics coming soon

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